LightRec - the slimmest voice recorder

Sold out

Shipping time: 5 business days

Warranty: 30-days refund or replacement

Dual USB connection

26 hours battery life.     1 hour charging

2 Recording modes

  • Flash Drive Design/ Both Type A and micro-B USB integrated.
  • No blinking lights, LEDs, or sounds of any kind while recording
  • Compact :2,75 x 0,78 x 0,27 inch / 10 grams
  • Voice Activated Recordings: No more recording long pauses or periods of silence.
  • Long Battery:120mAh -26 Hours rechargeable battery
  • Audio Format : 192 / 512 Kbps .WAV
  • Compatible OS: Windows, MacOS & Android (iOS not compatible)
  • LightRec voice recorder
  • 1 charging/transfer USB cable
  • Double Cap - USB drive/ Cigarette
  • User’s manual in 5 languages : English, German, Spanish, Italian an French

LightREC by ATTO DIGITAL is exactly what you need!

Small yet powerful, the lightREC recorder with built-in voice-activation sensor is shaped as a fully functional 8GB USB Flash Drive so that you can keep your recordings and your documents on the same device.

The LightREC is perfect for the savvy professional that wants to work simpler, faster and better – without compromising quality.


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