Setting time on your TileRec

Setting time on your TileRec

TileRec is the slimmest mini voice recorder by ATTO DIGITAL and it is as easy to use as 1,2,3!

Setting it is also simple, as you just need to create a text file with the proper values.

To set the date and time stamp: in the first line of your text file you need to write the current date and time in military format.

For example, the 25th of May 2021/ 10:23:20 AM, would translate as: 20210525102320.

To set the recording mode: choose between digit 1 (if you need the voice-activated recording mode) or 0 (if you need to continuously record)

To set the LED blinking:  choose between digit 1 (if you need the blue LED to blink during recording) or 0 (if you need to switch the LED off). * 

*when you switch the device ON the LED will blink for 8 times to confirm functioning and then will switch off if it is set to.

Please take into consideration that the file named "time" should be a simple text file (having the extension .txt) and you should save it in the folder RECORD next to subfolder VOICE.

Make sure your TileRec is shut down and that you are using a working USB cable.  Connect the device to your computer and follow the steps in the below videos:

Windows computers:

MacOs computers:


NOTE Please make sure that you have only one text file on the TileRec's memory. Having more than one could cause firmware errors or settings malfunction.

After you create the text file, properly disconnect the device from your computer and create a test recording in order to make sure that the firmware updates you settings accordingly.

For any other queries, please contact our support team

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