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World's Slimmest Voice Recorder

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3 in 1 SMART Device:

  • Voice Activated Recorder
  • 5000 mAh Power Charger
  • 8 GB USB Drive

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The Smallest Voice Recorder with Digital Display

Adjustable settings for a personal user experience

WHY do YOU need a

Capturing audio with a recorder not only lets you remember life’s small details, but improves factual precision–laying the groundwork for accuracy and efficiency in professional, academic, and personal contexts.

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Map of the world with highlights in the countries were ATTO DIGITAL recorders were purchased


2016 - ATTO DIGITAL launched its first voice recorder, the Mini aTTo Voice Recorder in Europe

2017 - ATTO DIGITAL launched its portfolio on the US market reaching top 10 in Amazon in less than 3 months since launch

2018 - The first US patent is obtained for mini aTTo

2019 - ATTO DIGITAL is a trademark brand in US and EU and its portfolio became available worldwide

2020 - TileRec was successfully crowdfunded in US, Japan and Taiwan.

2016 - January 2021 - ATTO DIGITAL voice recorders have reached more than 1 million customers in over 50 countries WordlWide.

What others say about ATTO's recorders

I bought this mini recorder to protect myself from verbal and psychological abuse by a lover. It was important for me that the recorder be voice activated to minimize the hours of recorded audio I have to scrub through to find the relevant bits. It was also important that it be discreet, which this is.
Aiden Valentine

6 JUN 2020 on Amazon

Easy to use following the instructions and perfect to disguise that it is a recorder because it looks like a cell phone charging bank because it is also a charging bank! You can leave it on and in seconds it seems to be off, but record everything! Ideal for spy apprentice.


26 March 2019, via Amazon

This is a game changer when it comes to voice recorders. I replaced one that took tapes in order to record, so it's been a few years since I've needed one, but getting back into classes I've found it much easier to record the lecture so I can then listen to anything I may not have fully understood at the time and also use them to study for tests.

Belle Esprit

3 APR 2019/TOP 10 Reviewrs on Amazon


Ioan Budeanu, CEO

When it comes to our surveillance electronics, we at aTTo digital make a point of using nothing but the the best materials, as well as cutting-edge production processes and strict quality control.That's the only way we can be certain that our products are what we promised, and that they will be able to meet the high standards and expectations of even the most demanding customer - you!

Your satisfaction is, after all, our top priority. It's what keeps us in business!


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