Why TileRec?

We spend everyday hearing and listening, it is part of our lives. 

Sound is influential, it can be informative, educational, conclusive, emotive, and many other things for us. 

The problem is people remember only 30% of what they hear. Smartphones can do the ‘work’, they are certainly not built to be digital voice recorders. 

So why not try the better solution? 

Born from a team of researchers and engineers who spend many hours in front of a computer, TileRec is our constant reminder to take a walk and "stop and smell the roses", so to speak.

In January 2020 TileRec was successfully funded on Kickstarter and then transitioned on Indiegogo InDemand

Thank you to all our amazing backers!

TileRec is much more than just the slimmest mini MP3 voice recorder.


  • Allows 360 SURROUND recording

  • Records 30 hours per battery cycle

  • It's PLUG & PLAY - easy to use by anyone

Latest version available - update on Windows

Need assistance?

Contact us via email : [email protected]


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