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poweRecVoice Recorder
poweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice RecorderpoweRecVoice Recorder
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More than a High Quality Voice Recorder!

3 in 1 Smart Gadget - Power Bank, Voice Recorder and USB Flash Drive - it has 380 Hours super long battery life and selectable voice activated or continuous recording mode.It can charge your smartphone and you can keep your most important files on 8GB memory drive

Also it has a compact design with a simplified working mode and as a bonus - all accessories included for easy listening to on Android, Windows or macOS devices.

NEVER WORRY AGAIN about not having BATTERY enough to use the Voice Recorder or your smartphone exactly when you need it the most. SUPER LONG RECORDING TIME - Up to 380 hours battery life (5000 mAh). 8GB Built-in memory. Your personal assistant 24 hours per day!

POWER BANK, VOICE RECORDER & USB FLASH DRIVE – Best features combined into a SMART GADGET. You can use it for charging a phone and to record high quality audio in the same time. The MP3 recorded files can be easily listen with any device that can play audio from a smartphone, laptop or PC, smart TV, etc. Mac, Windows, and also Android compatibility

VOICE ACTIVATED OR CONTINUOUS RECORDING – 2 selectable recording modes. poweREC voice recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected and you can record in a way to avoid long hours of silent recordings. TIME/DATE STAMP on audio files available. 

OTG Cable included in the package

  • Dimension 118*62*11 mm

  • Power Supply:5000mAh About 140 grams

  • Recording Format: MP3 format 128kbs

  • Recording time: 8GB - about 141 hours

  • Battery life: about 380 hours

  • Charging time: 3 hours at 5V/2A and 6 Hours at 5V/1A (check your wall plug charger info)

  • Compatible OS: Windows 7/8/10/Android/MacOS. Iphone is compatible only for charging


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How to set the time stamp

step 1. In any computer please open any text editor and create a file called time that should have the extension ".txt". You can use NotePad or WordPad to create such a file. step 2. In this file you will need to input your current time and date in the following format: yyyymmddhhmmss , where yyyy - is four digit year (ex. 2017), mm - is 2 digit month (ex. for November is 11), dd - 2 digit day (ex. if today is in 3rd - you must put 03). hh - means 2 digit hour in the 24 hours format ( not a.m. or p.m.) - ex. for the time clock 5 p.m. you must use the digit 17, for 6 a.m. is 06, etc; mm - is 2 digit format for minutes and ss - is 2 digit format for seconds.For example, I can input:20180524165003This is for the 24th of May 2018, 16:50:03 PM.Save the time.txt file on your desktop. (for Mac you can either install notepad or go to Mac editor and select the plain text format for your document in order to save a .txt file)Then transfer your time.txt file in the folder RECORD next to VOICE.

How long the battery can last for continuous recording mode?

Even if in continuous recording mode or voice-activated recording mode, the battery of the recorder is still active and consuming. It can last up to 14 days on a full charge.

Can you playback recordings on my phone? Can you delete or keep file or manage recordings on the phone?

Yes, you can connect the recorder to an Android phone to playback recorders or manage files stored on the device. If you have a USB-C Android phone (2018 or newer) make sure you use a USB-C adapter to connect the recorder to your phone properly. The OTG cable is provided in the box. This recorder is compatible with Android phones for download and playback. You can only charge the iPhone via the power-bank.

Will the device record while charging?

Yes, the recorder is designed to record while connected to a power source and charging.

Will it make beeping sound if battery is getting dead?

No, it starts to have a flashing light, if the battery is running low. Unless the voice recorder is turned in the direction of the person being recorded, they wouldn't be able to see the light flashing. You have to be looking right at the end with the flashing light, to see it, and even then it's not really noticeable.  

The recorder has discreet lights that only show when you initiate recording. During recording there are no light visible.  

Is there someway to remove background noise and just capture the voices?

You can use specialized software like Audacity to clean the noise on the recordings.  

Instructions' manual:

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powerec - power bank hidden voice recorder - english ilustrated manual
spy voice activated recorder hidden in power bank - german version
slim voice recorder with powerbank and usb memory - italian manual
voice recorder power bank and memory drive - french manual
grabadora de voz - spanish manual