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Unique Mini Voice Recorders by aTTo Digital

FirstRec - Digital Voice Activated Recorder with 1000 Hours Recording Capacity

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We built-in FirstRec as a unique combination of high functionality, minimalist design, and intuitive use.

We have worked hard to create an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use device that gives YOU a completely new audio recording experience.

This means that every time you press to record it works, even after thousands of hours of use! The FirstRec is not only a useful tool, it makes audio recording an enjoyable experience for the everyday person.


Basically, anyone can use it - from happy toddlers that experience the sound of their own voice, to students that need a smart studying tool, business people, artists, and even elder persons that need assistance in remembering essential information.


The KR button will KEEP FLASHING to remind the seniors to listen to the message. Aside from reminding your elders' important tasks, hearing your voice will help them calm down when disoriented, while also helping them to retain their sense of independence.

The InstantREC button allows you to start recording in a flash second - no need for extra steps like turning on the device, selecting the scene mode, or filling in a password.


  1. Slide the InstantRec button to start recording
  2. Speak into your device's microphone and make sure the animation shows that the audio is being recorded.
  3. Slide the InstantRec button to stop and save the recording
  4. Press the PLAY button to playback the audio files

No matter the occasion, FirstRec fits in the palm of your hand but opens up an infinity of possibilities.

Enjoy the ATTO DIGITAL experience!

We offer 24/7 customer support in 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian and French), via email and live chat.

Email: [email protected]

*Please refer to the FAQ page for manuals, tutorials and more.

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