RecBall  Voice Activated Recorder

Sold out

Shipping time: 5 business days

Warranty: 30-days refund or replacement

No visible buttons

32 hours battery life.     1 hour charging

2 Recording modes

  • 100% Discreet: No visible buttons, No blinking lights, LEDs, or sounds of any kind
  • Compact & Lightweight & Portable: 32 mm diameter / 12grams
  • Voice Activated Recordings: No more recording long pauses or periods of silence
  • Selectable: Continuous or Voice Activated Recordings
  • Long Battery Life: 130mAh rechargeable battery – REAL 32 hours in record mode
  • Versatile Audio Format: 192 / 512 Kbps .WAV
  • 8GB Built-in memory: Up to 132 hours, depending on audio quality
  • Time Stamped Recordings: Intuitive hh:mm:ss Year/Month/Day format
  • Works on Windows & MacOS
  • RecBall voice recorder
  • 1 charging/transfer USB cable
  • 1 lanyard
  • User’s manual in 5 languages : English, German, Spanish, Italian an French

The most discreet covert voice activated recorder ever built ! Just a keychain ball !

Protect The Interests Of Your Person, Family & Business In The Most Subtle and Reliable Way !

Are things serious enough that you consider surveillance as a solution? Do you think you have a reason to worry that there's something going on behind your back ? Or are you struggling with remembering things or taking notes ?

RecBall digital voice recorder - Your best shot At Quality Surveillance Equipment ! 

Engineered to be disguised and practical, this amazing keychain voice recorder has a slew of high end features that place it miles ahead of conventional recorders.

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